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Punane jaspis loob stabiilsust ja tugeva maanduse. Võimas kaitsekivi negatiivsete vastu. Samuti peetakse seksuaalenergia kiviks.


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Red Jasper bracelet 6mm bead.

Jasper (English ‘jasper’, Greek ‘jasper’, Persian ‘ysam’) is an opaque hidden crystal rock, a cemented mixture of fine-grained quartz and chalcedony, consisting of mineral pigments and clay particles. Jasper is usually formed by the formation of opal-bearing sedimentary rocks. (source from wikipedia)

Jasper is an opaque mineral, mottled or striped. Jasper is available in all colors, but the most common colors are red, yellow and green, but also yellow, brown, white and others. In most cases, jasper is a multicolored mineral. Blue jasper is the only thing that does not occur. Iron additives give jasper a red color. Green jasper is known as heliotrope or bloodstone.

Jasper is found in many places around the world. The largest deposits of Jaspis are India, Russia, Brazil, Germany, France, China, Australia, the United States, etc.